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Primorsky Krai , Vladivostok

The monument to Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy

Памятник адмиралу Н.Г. Невельскому
Евгений Назаров , Туристско-информационный центр Приморского края
Памятник адмиралу Н.Г. Невельскому
Евгений Назаров , Туристско-информационный центр Приморского края

The first monument of Vladivostok, founded in 1891 in honor of outstanding Explorer of the Far East Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy. He proved that Sakhalin is an island and the Amur river is navigable, which gave Russia an outlet to the Pacific ocean.

On the tab which was attended by the crown Prince Nicholas, returning from a trip around the world, hand-laid in the base of the monument in silver plate and reinforcing cement mortar the first stone. It was may 17, 1891.

The history of the monument began 2 years earlier when the passenger meeting in honor of the 40 anniversary campaign Nevel, wife of Lieutenant Filipchenko B. Alexander made a presentation about the life of Nevel and the importance of his discoveries for Russia, it is also proposed to erect a monument to Nevelskoy in Vladivostok . The idea was accepted with great enthusiasm, funds for the monument were collected throughout the city.

The best project for the monument was recognized as the project proposed by A.N. Antipenko engineer fleet obelisk truncated pyramid made of gray granite blocks, with the double-headed eagle on top, stretches out its wings over the globe, at the base from all 4 sides of a semicircular niches, in one bas-relief Nevel, in 3 other bronze plaque with a description of the discoveries of the famous sailor and their values for Russia.

The obelisk was not only the memory of the great Explorer to raise the Russian flag at the far Eastern lands, but also a symbol of Russia's greatness.
It was a place for holding town celebrations. and the main dostoprimechatelnosti city. A small square next to the monument, became a favorite place for walking locals.

After 1922, the monument was dismantled, bronze plate, bust of the Admiral and the eagle was removed. In 1923, the tip of the obelisk is crowned with five-pointed star, and the monument was moved, the remains of the victims of the revolution and the civil war. Since that time, square Nevelskoy became known as the square of the revolution Victims. In 1927 it was moved to the ashes of sailors and miners, who were executed in 1907 for revolutionary performances. For many years the old obelisk served as monument to the revolutionaries.

And only in 1960 for the centenary anniversary of Vladivostok, the monument was restored. It restored the items back to their rightful place. At the Mytishchi plant was cast double-headed eagle and a commemorative plaque was cast again.

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Address: Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Svetlanskaya St.

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