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Primorsky Krai , Vladivostok

Ostrov Pakhtusova

A group of small uninhabited Islands of the Peter the Great Bay lying to the South-West of the Reineke island and West of Ostrov rikorda, bears the name of the Pakhtusov Islands. Small Islands, there are only 3, surrounded by cliffs. All the islets lie on a rocky underwater ridge.

South of the Pakhtusov Islands are Islands Krotov, Moses, Zheltukhin and Slavic Bay.

Pakhtusov Islands, named for Explorer of Novaya Zemlya and the White sea, Lieutenant Pakhtusov Pyotr Kuzmich (1800-1835.). In 1862, when the First hydrographic expedition led by V. M. Babkina led the study of the Gulf of Peter the Great, celebrated 30 years of the Pakhtusov expedition to the island of Novaya Zemlya. In honor of the brave Russian sailor and Explorer of New Lands, of P. K. Pakhtusov and his assistants, Babkin V. M. gave the Islands the names of Lieutenant Krotov V. A. and Ciolko A., conductor of the corps of naval navigators.

On the Pakhtusov Islands in the 30s of the twentieth century there was a female camp. The camp was serving his term, and die nuns, who were sent to the far East, the phase of the Central and Central Russia to work in the "fishing" area. On the shore of the island since that time still remained under the vats of salted fish.

Pakhtusov rocky Islands covered with dense shrub and deciduous forest. The Bush in the Central part of the island is almost impenetrable. Pebble beaches stretch along the southern and Western coasts of the Islands; on the North and West coast has stretches of sandy. West coast of the island is steep and rocky, rocky coast. Gorgeous and deep closed Bay located on the southern coast of the big island.

The beautiful cliffs are issued in the sea opposite the Northern part of the island, rikord, of the stone here has a purple color. This shelter flocks of cormorants, lovers of freedom and clean water. Coming to the island mullet (peligna), known and loved in the far East.

Pakhtusov Islands uninhabited.
Pakhtusov Islands – a great vacation spot on the water. South Bay deeply in the dry, the water is very clear, the depth of large. On different sides of the island, different depth and different reliefs, you can choose a place to stay shallow and deep.

Pakhtusov Islands is a great place for diving with a mask and snorkel. The depths off the coast of the island reach 20 meters. On the West coast of the island stone the drop-off ends in a sandy bottom. In the waters near the island often octopus.

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Address: Primorsky Krai. Vladivostok. Ostrov Pakhtusova

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