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Kursk Oblast , Rylsk

The Market Rows of Merchant Filimonov

Торговые ряды купца Филимонова
Туристско-информационный центр Курской области

Ivan von Filimonov purchased a piece of land in 1798 and made a building plan of stone market rows and a large three-storey colonnaded house with an observation tower. The construction of the complex had been carrying out for a long time. When the house was finished, Filimonov assined it to the city. It housed a city council, a municipal government, a school, a club and a library.

The market rows were completed only by the heirs of Ivan von Filimonov. The rows have remained in Rylsk until today. In the corner stands a rotunda with two windows of two-stories height. The facade is decorated by columns and segment windows. The dome-type roof, ending with a small drum, and the rotunda itself look like a weight, which is used in commerce. The rotunda leads to a gallery with arched openings. The ground floor is decorated with segment windows. The northern part of the market rows was destroyed during WWII and was totally dismantled in the 1960s.

Some part of this complex is still in use.

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Address: Kursk Oblast, Rylsky District, Rylsk, Sovetskaya Sq., 7

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