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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Yakutsk

The monument of Pyotr Beketov, the founder of Yakutsk city

Памятник основателю Якутска Петру Бекетову
Памятник основателю Якутска Петру Бекетову

Monumental complex «Druzhba» (friendship) that includes the Monument of Beketov was built for 375s anniversary of the capital of Yakutia and entering in Russia. Monumental complex is a grandiose collaboration of sculptor Afanasiy Romanov and architect Ivan Androsov is located in Yakutsk city on the joint of city building and «Zeleniy Lug» (Green meadow).

The 33, 4 meter column-serge takes the main place in this composition and situated on Russian classic styled pedestal of 18th century which has a shape of cube with pitched roof and cornice. The upper side of column, the neck «Altyn Serge» made from cast bronze and pinched by Laurel wreath and cupola with text «375s anniversary of the entry into Russian State». The spire above the Laurel wreath is crowned by the symbol of statehood — the Earth like scepter   with the Orthodox Cross. The pedestal has high relief on four historical topics «Meeting», «Faith», «Ysyakh», «Intelligence».

The Monument of Kazak centurion is made of bronze portrait composition faced with granite. This monument was made in Smolensk city. The length of the monument is five meters.

The Kazak leader Petr Ivanovich Beketov is descended from noble family, so we can call him the heir of Ermak. Although his image became obliterated and lapsed into silence in Russian history. Beketov founded Bratsky, Rybinsky, Ingodinsky (Chitinsky), Olekminskiy, Tuturskiy, Irginskiy and other Siberian ostrogs as well as Yakut Ostrog.

He annexed tremendous territory by Lena River and transbaikalian lands; he showed real courage in battles and campaigns; has a talent of real commander and art of diplomatist. His progenies were many famous people in Russia. The most famous are the poet Alexander Blok (his grandfather’s surname is Beketov).

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Address: Республика Саха (Якутия), г. Якутск, Московская набережная

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