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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

Watching the Aurora borealis

Auruos borealis are a glow (luminescence) of the upper layers of the atmospheres of the planets with the magnetosphere due to their interaction with charged particles of the solar wind.

Watching the Aurora norealis in Yakutia for the hardy, because there is the pole of cold Oymyakon, Russia, and the winter temperature often drops below minus 50 C. the Tourists must have to take care of the required equipment before departure: full set of clothing that keeps you warm at extremely low temperatures, thermos with hot beverage, means of communication. As for equipment, be it a phone or a camera, it is necessary to consider that at low temperatures equipment can fail, so you should care about the «clothing» for the technique: wrap it in a warm scarf or shawl.
You must also remember that Northern lights is a natural phenomenon, so it cannot be seen on request. In this regard, the expectation of the appearance of this beautiful glow in the sky could be delayed.
The areas in which you can observe this amazing phenomenon, as a rule, North: Oymyakon, Verkhoyansk districts. In addition to the Northern lights can be seen not far from the capital of Yakutia — enough to go to Vilyuisky trakt 20-30 kilometers from Yakutsk.

Count on Northern lights from October to April, the sky is mostly clean and the pollution is minimal; more than 90% of the country not affected by industrial and other development.

In the North of Yakutia, this phenomenon can be seen often, because here all winter is dominated by the anticyclone, and overcast sky, which is very important, because no matter how actively it would be the sun, if the sky is overcast, it is very difficult to see the Northern lights.

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