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Rostov Oblast , Rostov-on-don

Tachanka-Rostovchanka Monument to the 1st Cavalry Army

Памятник 1-й конной армии «Тачанка-Ростовчанка»
Фотобанк Лори
Памятник 1-й конной армии «Тачанка-Ростовчанка»
Департамент инвестиций и предпринимательства Ростовской области

The legendary Tachanka-Rostovchanka, a majestic sculpture welcoming Rostov citizens coming from the South, as well as thousands of transit passengers, has been servicing as the greeting card of the city for more than 30 years. According to Anatoly Sknarin, honored artist of the Russian Federatin and the sculptor of Tachanka, this historical monument symbolizes the liberation of Rostov from the White Guard in 1920.

Decades have passed, values and perceptions have changed, but the romantic Tachanka remains as the signature monument popular among the residents of the southern capital. As in olden days, many newlyweds still come here to lay flowers. It is hard to find a native resident of Rostov who does not own an image of this monument, whether on a postcard, or in a school album, on old black-and-white photographs made during a sight-seeing tour, on a modern digital photo, or on a photo made at a friend's marriage ceremony. The famous symbol of Rostov is present in the biographical photography of every local.

It is remarkable that such a monumental sculpture is completely hollow, as it is made of gypsum. That is why climbing on the sculpture is prohibited.

Authors of the sculpture: sculptors V. Bityay, B. Lanko, A. Kosolapov, A. Sknarin, architect P. Ibalakov.

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Address: Ростовская обл., г. Ростов-на-Дону

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