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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

The Bolshoye Toko Lake

The Bolshoye Toko lake is 450 kilometers from Neryungri city, 90 kilometers West from the border, which is administrative with the Khabarovski Krai. The lake is part of the Algama river basin. Settlements on the shores of the lake located on the territory of the Bolshoe Toko, in the West from lake coal Deposit – Elga. The lake is the largest in the territory of the backbone. The area of the mirror surface consists of 82.6 square kilometers. Form a rounded, elongated to the North, has several small bays, which descended from the glaciers.

In 2013 the Russian-German laboratory "Biome" was conducted the expedition "Yamal-2013". Bolshoye Toko – pearl preserved in nature, in a single copy. The lake is unique in that existed during the ice age, preserving the "historical archive": the analysis of water, bottom sediments can be told about the natural conditions of the Holocene and the development of the climate system of the Arctic", – said the Professor of the Institute for polar and marine research, Bernhard Diekmann.

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