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Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug , Novy Urengoy

Monument to the pioneers of development of Urengoy

Monument to the pioneers of development of Urengoy is located on one of the central squares of the city, in front of the office of «Urengoygazprom.» Opening of the monument took place in 2003 and was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of «Urengoygazprom» as well as to the City Day and the Day of the oil and gas industry. The author of the sculpture was Nikolai Raspopov — Honored Russian Artist. The monument of 12 meters height and 3 tons weight is made of copper and represents the image of the motherland. The left hand of a woman standing at full height as if holding back the great power of the earth, and the right hand holds a torch, which invites to follow the path of Urengoy pioneers. In the base of the monument there is «time capsule» with a message to posterity. Opening of the capsule should take place in 2028 for the 50th anniversary of «Urengoygazprom.»
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Address: YAND, Novyy Urengoy, 26 s'yezda KPSS street

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