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Rostov Oblast , Taganrog

Daryevskiy Pond

Дарьевский пруд
Дарьевский пруд

The pond is located not far from Taganrog city. It is a great place for camping and fishing. This grand and stretched pond is filled with crystal clear water. One half of the pond is landscaped in a picturesque manner and has a beach with a volleyball court, tents that can cover you in a hot weather and certainly there is a comfortable access to the water. You can also find all kinds of facilities like dressing rooms, toilets and shops that can make your stay even more comfortable. To access this part of the beach you will have to pay an entrance fee and also if you want to secure a nice fishing place you will also have to pay a modest fee. The shore on this part of the beach is forested with conifer trees and the territory is regularly cleared by the staff.

The other part of the pond is free to enter and has spots for parking and camping. The shore is mostly tree free but has a vast reed growth on it. The water might seem a little sludgy, but mostly it creates more nature friendly mood for the visitor. The only downside of this part of the beach is that it’s sometimes filled with litter.

Daryevskiy Pond is filled with carp, crucian carp, bream, perch, pike, goby and silvercarp.

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Address: Rostov region, Taganrog city

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