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The Republic of Crimea , Old Crimea

Chapel of St. Panteleimon the Healer

Часовня Святого Пантелеймона Целителя
Министерство курортов и туризма Республики Крым

A chapel of St. Panteleimon the Healer is located in a picturesque valley of Tchuruk Su River in Stary Krym, and is famous for the amazing story of its origin.

Near the chapel there is a healing spring, which was visited by Emperor Alexander II with the family and the Princess Sofia Potocki. In 1893 the place was consecrated as a chapel, but due to lack of funds there was put only a temporary wooden structure, and in 1904 it was destroyed by fire. In 1906, at his own expense Chikiridi family restored the wooden chapel, and gave an icon of family, which in 1924 was confiscated by the Soviet regime, and the chapel was dismantled. From 1958 until his death an elderly woman Xenia Vissarionovna Tokarev looked after the spring, landscaped it to her savings. Citizens called this woman reverend mother.

Pilgrims can optionally dive into the water bowl, drink the pure healing water. On the territory of the chapel is offered a magnificent panorama of Stary Krym. There you can order a variety of religious rites.

Since 2000, according to the project of A.S. Jablonski, at the expense of the Greek Federation, a new chapel was built.

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Phone number: +7 (978) 700-87-85
Address: Republic of Crimea, Kirovsky District, Stary Krym

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