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The Republic of Crimea , Феодосия

St. George's Church

Church of St. George in Feodosia is one of the monuments of the multinational history of Feodosia. Church of St. George, built in the XV century, originally belonged to the Armenian Catholic community in the city. It was the main church of the vast St. George Monastery. Today it is a monument of architecture, which has a form of a long rectangle.

The peculiarity of the external appearance of the church of St. George is that the building consists of several parts of different construction periods. Ancient eastern part is composed of rubble and blocked with arches. Having been built up the XIX century middle, the western parts are composed of already processed stone. The middle part of the temple is a covered marquee dome on an octagonal drum, the west one has vaulted ceiling. Window and arched doorways.Outside and inside the building is plastered church.

Currently, St. George temple is closed to visit and in need of restoration. 

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Address: Republic of Crimea, Feodosia, Nakhimov st., 32

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