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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

The Amga river

The Amga river is the longest inflow of Aldan, one of the most picturesque rivers of Yakutia. Enjoys love at locals and it is sung in many national works. According to archeologists, people live here already at least 10 thousand years. More than 30 archaeological monuments relating to various primitive cultures are revealed. Among them there are 10 places with rock petroglyphs. The majority of parking is found on average a current, near outflow of large inflows.

Length of Amga constitutes 1360 kilometers, the area of the pool of 75 thousand square kilometers, 280 inflows. Originates fr om Aldan Mountains where forms the narrow deep valley with the stony course. Below the Tyogyulte-Tyordyo village the valley extends, the watercourse purchases quiet nature.

For the first 500 kilometers 73 various inflows join the river, filling with water this beautiful small river. The river bottom is covered with pebble almost everywhere, differs in the relative flatness and availability of smooth rifts. Those who are attracted by the Russian fishing will be found by beautiful sites of the boggy area for quiet and successful catching. However marshy sites extend not much, after swamps Amga the powerful spacious course cuts woody mountains. On the river there are a lot of steep coast, and here islands practically don't meet.

Sites of headwaters of the river decorate falls and cool stone canyons. The big 30-meter falls which are located on the river Average Amga are most known.

A sight of the Amga River are the Big Amga falls, or 'Chyorniy shaman' ('Black shaman') height reaches it 33 meters. This very beautiful place wh ere water falls to the deep gorge from the steep rock. The falls from all directions are surrounded with 200-meter massive rocks, the gorge dark and cold, snow here often lies to the middle of June. In 2000 on a steep slope of one of rocks the track for descent to falls is created. The falls are at the height of 620 meters above sea level. Near Big falls are 6 more less powerful, from 6 to 9 meters high.

Natural resources and flora of Terneysky district are unique, and in the nineties in the territory of the area creation of the Kema-Amginsky natural park was planned, but the decision remained on paper. The Terneysky Region of Primorye still remains an untouched corner of the Ussuriysk taiga.

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Address: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

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