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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Yakutsk

The Aldan river

The Aldan river is the golden river of Yakutia, coast of this river scatter of gold. This river is a greatest goldfield in Yakutia. Main advantage of the river is the fact that on it it is possible to climb quite highly a current and it helps to develop remote gold deposits, coal and uranium.

Beauty of Aldan is cold and majestic. At the river the steep right coast, a narrow strip between break and water it is filled with sharp stones. And is higher on the coast and is farther from it on many hundreds of kilometers located taiga. In it really there is a lot of undiscovered: beginning from the name which has hundred interpretation, and finishing the people inhabiting its coast and the disappearing whole people. Far East river Aldan is the largest right inflow of Lena: it brings a third of its total drain to Lena. The river on a northern slope of Stanovoy Range begins that stretches along the southern border of Eastern Siberia with the Far East. Further it flows across Aldan Mountains, along the southern bottom of Verkhoyansk Mountains and falls into the Lena river. In the lower current the river valley considerably extends, in a flood plain there are many meander lake, and Aldan is split up for several sleeves. On all current the river accepts nearly 300 inflows more than 10 kilometers long. In total in the basin of Aldan it's about 114 thousand rivers and streams and more than 51 thousand lakes.

In the river there is a lot of fish, there are also valuable types: Siberian sturgeon ('hatis'), Siberian lamprey, nelma, sterlet, taimen, East Siberian grayling.

The river has rich and bright history. The first people appeared on coast of Aldan for 30– 40 thousand years B.C. Were engaged in hunting for mammoths, bisons, rhinoceroses and other animals of that time. Now on coast of Aldan about 90 parking, 8 places with ancion petroglyphs.

Tourists athletes first of all are interested in technical aspect of the river. It is possible to reach its upper courses from Neryungri, having made pedestrian transition up Chulman and having transshipped to the basin of Aldan (about 65 km), or a helicopter special flight from the settlement of Chulman (100 km).

The lower Aldan is the favourite vacation destination for collection of berries, summer and winter fishing.

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