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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

The Yana river

The Yana river connects Krasnoyarsk Oblast and the Republic of Sakha. The Yana river isn't so well-known as other Russian rivers, for example Lena, Yenisei or Don, but interesting for tourists who love to travel the untouched nature.

The river Yana is formed by merge of two rivers: right river Sartang, and left Dulgalakh river. The Yana river flows among the boundless tundra and taiga, among boggy places and the massif flows, meeting almost all types of a relief on the way.

In coastal villages there are such sights as the Sacred mountains Kisilyakh, the Verkhoyansk local history museum in the city of Verkhoyansk. Local history museum of municipal educational institution «Adychinsky school of V. S. Chirikov» in the village Adycha, the geological museum «Yangeologiya» in the Batagai village, a geological monument «Mother Gora» («Mother Mount») being one of the most unique and high mountain tops of the Verkhoyansk district, on the mountain there are rare on beauty ostanets of rocks who aren't conceding the greatness to Lena Pillars.

Tourists attract by rafting down the river and fishing.

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