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Sverdlovsk Oblast , Ekaterinburg

Memorial house-Museum of P. P. Bazhov

Museum of P.P. Bazhov was opened 3 February 1969.  Ural writer Pavel Bazhov (1879-1950) was the author of the famous book of tales «malachite box», stories «Green Mare», «Far is close», essays about the life of people of the Urals. «Malachite box» is the mail work of P. P. Bazhov was first published in 1939.

P. Bazhov was born in the village Sysert. He studied in Ekaterinburg religious school (1889-1893), then in the Perm theological Seminary (1893-1899), and from 1899 till 1917, he taught at educational institutions of Ekaterinburg and Kamyshlov. During the civil war he served in the red Army, and later worked in the Altai.  In 1923 he returned to Ekaterinburg and devoted himself to journalism, working as responsible Secretary at the «Ural regional peasant Newspaper». In 1936 tales P.P. Bazhov published his first tales which marked the beginning of his work on the main book «The malachite box».
All the works of P. P. Bazhova, including «The malachite box» and «Far is close» were written in the house on the corner of street Chapaev and Bolshakova (former Arhiereyskaya and Boltnaya).

In 1911 writer began to build the house on Chapaeva street, 11, where since 1914 Bazhov's family lived till they moved in Kamyshlov. Before the construction of this house since 1906 P. P. Bazhov lived in a small house in the same Bolotnaya street, near the corner, but unfortunately it didn't preserved.  

P. P. Bazhov came back in that house in 1923 and lived here until the end of his life. The house is one storey, loggy, on a brick plinth. The wooden porch and three windows are facing the street Chapaeva. Five windows are facing on the street Bolshakova. The windows are in the simple frames.

The house has four rooms, kitchen and entrance hall leading to the library of the writer, which was also a bedroom of senior Bazhovs. In the library writer hosted numerous of visitors. In front of the library was the dining room.   One side of the house facing the garden, where everything was planted by the hands of Bazhovs. There are birch, Linden, ash, padus, cherry and Apple trees. Favorite writer's benches under ash and a table under the trees are well preserved. Near the garden, there is a kithcen garden and the small buildings (barn with a hayloft). After the writer's death, in the house until 1968 lived with his wife, Valentina Alexandrovna.

On February 3, 1969 there was opened a memorial house-museum of P. P. Bazhov. Passing the house to the Museum, Valentina Aleksandrovna got a comfortable flat. The decision of the Executive Committee of the city Council was adopted on March 22, 1966, the order of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation № 117 from March 1, 1967 — about organization of a Museum of P. P. Bazhov in Sverdlovsk.

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Address: Sverdlovsk region, Ekaterinburg, Chapayeva, 11

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