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Primorsky Krai , Vladivostok


Прохор Титов

Climbing exerciser of the center of Extreme sports and recreation "Extreme Affordable" was opened in 2006.
The result is a climbing wall with a total area of climbing walls 30 sq. m.
The height of the walls - 7m and 15 m ceiling lasagna! There is a possibility to climb to the top and bottom insurance.
A bouldering route is possible to climb around the perimeter of the climbing wall, where security is established and reliable soft gymnastic mats.
In the rolling equipment are used only the leaders of such famous companies as, PETZL, BLACK DIAMOND, LA SPORTIVA.
Highly qualified instructor team guarantees the safety of every visitor, even the child. There is also a shower, locker room, metal lockers for valuables and clothing.

There are ideal conditions that allow visitors to quickly develop a technical base to continue to enjoy the beautiful and technical climbing.
All this made the Centre of Extreme sports and recreation "Extreme Affordable" where many people come not just for the goods, and are attached to an active lifestyle: exercise, meet new interesting people, get your extreme sports and strong emotions and feelings of our climbing wall, and subsequent visits in a fascinating journey.

For everyone who wants to improve their climbing skills is an individual approach to solving each problem
Selection of personal exercise and customized workout regime based on modern world achievements of climbing (optional).
To get the maximum use and enjoyment from the process of climbing, as well as to test on the real rocks his tried and tested on simulators skills practiced trips on the rocks.

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Address: Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, street Nerchinsk 3

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