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Primorsky Krai , Partizansk

Rafting on the river

Сплав по реке Партизанской
Прохор Титов
Сплав по реке Партизанской
Прохор Титов
Сплав по реке Партизанской
Прохор Титов

River rafting Guerrilla presents for children in role-play. The goal is the treasure, hidden somewhere on the "wild coast" of the river. Path specify the secret signs that you find on an old map. In a treasure hunt involving two hostile teams. Brave participants have a difficult path full of dangers for the river. The prize awaits the most fortunate, but a win both teams will celebrate together.
Alloy are available to tourists without special training by experienced instructors. Allowed participation of children above six years of age accompanied by an adult.
The route runs on the territory of the Partisan district of Primorye. The river flows through a valley, bordered by undulating emerald hills. It is interesting to short travel and leisure.

On the river a lot of beautiful places: all of it is surrounded by greenery, gurgling merrily in the shallows and racing clouds reflected in the mirrored surface reaches. Stay on it gives incomparable experience feelings of contact with Nature.

Rafting starts from the bridge near the village of Kazanka and ends near the village of Lozove. The route is about 20 km away. the River consists of sections of different current velocity and channel width. Along the route there are many beautiful natural features - cliffs, which snap directly into the river, unusual shapes of the tops of hills, Islands, etc.

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Address: Primorsky Krai, Partizansk, river guerrilla

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