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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

The Vilyuyi river

The Vilyuiy river is a longest feeder or the Lena river. Russian cossacks came here in XVII and foundated 'Verkhne-Vilyuyiskoe zimovie' (winter settlement). The most famous and mysterious place near Vilyuyi river is 'Dolina Smerti'('Valley of Death'). This location is popular in scientific and tourist societies. There are a lot stories about mysterious huge bronze coppers-'olguyis'' which sometimes can be found in these regions. Stories also tell about some strange smaill black hemispheres which sometimes found near coppers. Their edges are so sharp that allow to cut glass. Heat, however spending the night inside it's can be dangerous for health and life. Over time hair begin to drop out, on a body outgrowths are formed. People who get in said that there are a lot some strange devices of an unclear origin. Around coppers vegetation has an unusual appearance. For example, the grass shoots up above human growth.

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