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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

The Bolshoy Nimnyr River rafting

Сплав по реке Большой Нимныр
Сплав по реке Большой Нимныр
Сплав по реке Большой Нимныр
Сплав по реке Большой Нимныр

Bolshoy Nimnyr is a river of 204 km length, right tributary of Aldan.

 Bolshoy Nimnyr's coast is covered a set of huge stone. In the narrow gorge where the river rushes, these stones heat up a way to water, creating the dangerous thresholds, which are ending, as usual, with "barrels". The most dangerous thresholds have names, for example: Nimnyrsky, "Nikolkin Klyuch" "Passed" and "2nd Ulovo"

There are two main variants of rafting way. First is from the village Bolshoy Nimnyr to the town Tommot (390 km). Duration of this tour is 9-12 days, season: June-August, category of complexity – III with elements of V (36 thresholds, 44 shivers).

Second variant is from source (340), 15 km on foot. To Tommot (490 km). Duration – 16-17 days, season: June, July. Category of complexity – IV (58 thresholds, 75 shivers)

Bolshoy Nimnyr is a picturesque place, so rafting gives also esthetic pleasure.

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