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Sverdlovsk Oblast , Ekaterinburg

hygiene Museum

«Hygiene Museum» works in the city center of Ekaterinburg medical prevention; it is dedicated to the history of health. Museum also promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

Since 2012, at the museum exhibitions «Personal hygiene items and household citizen end of XIX- the middle of the XX century», «health poster exhibition 20-30 years», «Remember. Know. Live (HIV / AIDS)», «Mite fear — in the woods not to go», the Anesthesia art project  including photo-exhibition Shuza George, Peter Malkov and others take place. May 17, 2014 Hygiene Museum took part in the «Night of Museums»  for the first time.

On the basis of the museum are interactive sessions «ABCs of health», «Personal Hygiene fighter», «My hands!», «HIV / AIDS» for children and adults. In the summer the museum actively cooperates with the city and country health camps.

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Address: Свердловская область, г. Екатеринбург, ул. 8 Марта, д. 78А, лит. В

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