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The Udmurt Republic , Debussy

Mount Baigurez

The hill on the banks of the Cheptsa River is one of the most beautiful places in Udmurtia. From the top you can see magnificent views of the surrounding area: the river winds far below; hills, covered with pine trees, flow in soft waves to the horizon. The mountain stands 251 meters above sea level.

There are many legends about the origin of the name of this mountain. Legends say that Mount Baigurez had two names. The first, Baigurez, is known to everyone. It means «rich mountain» in Udmurt. The mountain is indeed rich — in beautiful views from its summit. At the end of the 1970s it received the official status of a natural monument of the Republic of Udmurtia.

The second name is Bakgurez, which means «silent mountain». A legend tells that a long time ago there was a water mill at the foot of the mountain. The miller was a very rich man, and, as always in the legends, he had one daughter. When it was time to find a husband for his daughter, the miller said that he would give his daughter only to the man, able to climb the mountain across the steepest slope. None of the candidates was able to conquer the proud mountain, because they did not know that they should have asked the spirit of the mountain for blessing. A young man was living in a village nearby: smart, handsome, but deaf and dumb. He tended cows and sheep. When he asked for the hand of the miller's daughter, the father pointed out to the mountain. After asking the blessing of the spirit of the mountain, the young man quickly climbed to the top and miraculously found his voice. As the story goes, this could be accomplished only in the month of Invozho — June (Udmurt «In» — the sky, «vozho» — transition; change), during the summer solstice — Vozhodyr («transitional period»). Incidentally, the miller had to really give his daughter to the young man with a proper dowry.

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