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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

Haram's mountain

In one of shore front the Amga River placed the amazing and sacral place - Haram's mountain. The name of the mountain comes from a name of an udaganka (Shaman) Harama, she is a hostess and the keeper of the mountain. Yakuts especially respect the areas bearing names of shamans and an udagan, such places have sacral value. Uniqueness of this area is that on the rock the girl's faces are visible. The girl sometimes smiles, sometimes mourns. And sometimes the image disappears. At the 60th years of the last century it was possible to see three persons. Now it is possible to see a girl's face, and nearby some other figures. Names and others 6 legendary udagans and 13 great shamans are also connected with the mountain of Haram that does this place sacred and esteemed. The area is rich of the beautiful landscapes well-known for the Amga strawberry glades, herbs and tasty fish. The mountain Haram has a great power that is why it becameone of the favourite place for tourists.

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