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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

Island 'Stolb'

Остров Столб

Island «Stolbi» (Pillar) this is majestic skerry of rocky breeds, divide by the river from Tuor-Cis's crest. Perhaps in an extreme eldest time the island was looks like a high pillar but nowadays he reminde alone hill over Lena river open space. This island has cleve and flat top. The pillar is 104 meters. From ancient time there placed a bethel on island is like the hill burned from stones with a pole on the middle. On a pole as a sacrifice imposed rags and tapes, and at the bottom put coins. The altar is alive and until now: each traveler who has got here leaves something to return. On the Arctic cruises of Yakutia the vessel always makes a small stop at this island that tourists could contemplate beauty and feel power of this place. And it is possible to see the Polar lights also. On a legend, the island has been put by the shaman on a grave of the daughter killed in fight with enemies, the spirit of the girl continues to live in this place and sometimes show itself to people.

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