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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

Fishing on the Bustakh lake

One of the most fish lake of Yakutia is Bustakh. Diferrences and quantity of fish in this lake is amazing. Lake fish is allocated with its unsurpassed tastes.

There are: Siberian lamprey, taimen, lenok, Siberian ryapushka, tugun, pelyad, chir, muksun, grayling, maloroty smelts, ordinary pike, ordinary minnow, Lensk gudgeon, Siberian loach, ordinary burbot, ordinary perch, pestronogy miller's-thumb, Arctic loach. Among listed, the lenok, the Siberian ryapushka, chir, a whitefish-pyzhyan, a pike, a perch, a loach has trade value.

Fishing lovers will be fascinated and delighted by beauty of the Yakutian North nature: virgin taiga, white picks of mountains and pure air.

Flyfishing (possible to fish from the boat and the land), catching on a spinner (for pikes, perches, taimens, lenoks, graylings) is one of the main ways of fishing. During the flyfishing angler should know that biting occurs on the falling front sight in 1-5 seconds.

The lake is located in the North of Yakutia, near the Laptev Sea.

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