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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Yakutsk

Indigirka Salad

If you go down the Indigirka river through the Zashiversk city and to the East Siberian sea, stopping at fishermen and reindeer herders, it is possible to get acquainted with the indigenous local recipes, processing and cooking fish. They are managed with fish skillfully, without wasting too much time and effort, and the result is delicious, nutritious and healthy dish. One of these recipes popular in the diet of local resident’s salad Indigirka. The basis of any fish whitefish species can be taken, or a little melted and then frozen. The fish is slightly thawed, so you can easily separate the skin and work with a knife, fillet separated from the bones, cut into cubes and put in bowl. Small cubes cut onions, laid on top of the fish, then seasoning. From the top, you need to season with pepper and onions, it is desirable to push the hands to let the juice and thoroughly mixed with the salt and pepper. After it only remains to add a little vegetable oil. The finished dish is left to infuse in the fridge. There is one secret that will give Indigineous the piquancy of the fish and all ingredients can be podgotovitsya and put aside before the guests arrive. When came the first guests, the salad is seasoned and put in the fridge. When the guests were seated at the table Indigirka served first. The nutritional properties of frozen white fish (stroganina), particularly whitefish and dishes from it, except in exceptional gustatory qualities, have extremely important practical feature: they are able to miraculously mitigate the effects of alcohol intoxication and because in the local restaurants of Yakutsk and its environs has gained special popularity.

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