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Rostov Oblast , Kalinin

Fishing on the River Don

Рыбалка на реке Дон
Степанова Наталья
Рыбалка на реке Дон
Степанова Наталья
Рыбалка на реке Дон
Степанова Наталья
Рыбалка на реке Дон
Степанова Наталья

The river Don abounds in fish. Some species inhabit it constantly and others appear in the river only in the spawning season. Species composition is rather diverse, it amounts to 90 species. Due to this fact, fishing on the river Don is more interesting than fishing on other Russian rivers.

As for other river inhabitants, the following fish species are worth mentioning: gudgeon, bream, red-eye, roach, saber fish, pike perch, carp and crucian. Such species as zherekh, chub, perch and pike are quite rare. If you are lucky, you might catch an eel, common carp, burbot, catfish. Taran, pike perch, shemaya, herring and vimba bream are mainly the species that can be caught in the spawning season.

From April 1st to May 31st fishing is prohibited. This time is considered to be the spawning season.

Autumn and spring are the best seasons for fishing. Most commonly fishermen catch a goggle-eyed fish, i.e. a goby. One can catch it by using any type of tackle but, as a rule, this type of fish is caught with fishing tackle used for bottom fishing. Fishing by trolling or float fishing is more rarely applied. The main condition for fishing is that it should be done from the river bottom. Pieces of a goby itself or a worm can be used as a bait. The size of the hook is of paramount importance. The bigger the hook, the bigger the catch. The fish is not a very big one, it weighs about 80 kg, but the size of the whole catch can reach several kilos.

Other interesting fish species inhabiting the lower parts of the river Don are peschanik, harvest fish and syrman goby. Lower parts of the river Don abound in golden carp and alburn. Alburn is also called “selyava” or “sebel” and is usually caught with a large fishing rod having a sea-line 0.1 — 0.12 mm, a cork float and a hook 2.5-3 mm. A maggot will serve as a perfect maggot. Different types of baiting is used to accelerate biting.

One of the favourite places for fishing on the river Don is khutor Kalinin, as all conditions necessary for lovers of fishing are created there. They are: a charming passage to the river, peace and quiet where nothing can distract a fisherman from his favourite pastime. Recently this place has become so popular that one has to do their best to occupy a “baited” place, since the demand is quite high.

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