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Vladimir Oblast , Vladimir

The Golden Gate

Serving as a fortification and front entrance to the capital of the princey city, the Golden Gate is the true symbol of Vladimir. They were built at the same time as the Uspenskiy Cathedral in 1158-1164 by the Italian architect Lanfranko. They used to be a part of a large fortification complex together with the Silver Gate, the Copper Gate, and the Irininskie Gate, which have not survived to the present. Some of the earthen ramparts of the fortification have been partially preserved. The front entrance is crowned with the small Rizopolozhenskaya Church, which is a cathedral in miniature. The sides of the gate were fortified with earthen mounds and the entrance to the town was protected by large ornate doors.

In 1238, the Tartar-Mongolian army led by Batu Khan tried to invade the town of Vladimir. The intruders did not manage to break through the central gate and had to make a hole in the ramparts. It took them eight days.

There is a legend about the Golden Gate and Catherine the Great's visit to Vladimir. She came in a large royal carriage that could not fit through the central entrance. Then the empress ordered to go around the gate and take down the earth mounds. Even though it had remained unchanged for many years, nevertheless the Golden Gate was transformed at the beginning of the 19th century: the Rizopolozhenskaya church was pulled down and the stairways were covered using earthen mounds. They did not remain this way for long: the church was rebuilt and the stairways were re-opened. That was when the small lateral towers were built.

At the moment there is an exhibit in the Golden Gate dedicated to the history of war. In 1992 the Golden Gate, among other significant structures from the white stone epoch of Vladimirskaya Rus, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Today the Golden Gate is the favorite destination for residents and tourists. The popular belief goes: if you walk under the arch and make a wish, it is sure to come true. This is why the Golden Gate is popular among newlyweds.

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