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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Oymyakon

Oimyakon - Poles of Cold

Oimyakon (translated fr om Yakut language “nonfreezing source”) is the village on the left coast of Indigirka River in Oimyakonsky district.

Oimyakon is the most known as one of the “Poles of Cold” on Earth. It is the only place wh ere people live despite a low temperature. The average temperature of January is −61˚C, in cold days it is −68˚C. And the lowest temperature that has ever been there is −71.2˚C. There hard frosts form a way of life, habits, and occupations. There are streams of the rivers that don't freeze even in such hard frost. For example, a nonfreezing stream «Razluka».

Annually on the Pole of Cold tourist trips are performed. From December to March, everyone who wants to visit the Yakut Pole of Cold can use the «expedition on the Pole of Cold» tour. All tourists of expedition that visited Oimyakon will receive the registered certificate about visit of the Pole of Cold.

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Address: Республика Саха (Якутия), Оймяконский р-н, с. Оймякон

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