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Voronezh Oblast

Divnogorie Natural Museum-Reserve of Architecture and Archaeology

Природный, архитектурно-археологический музей-заповедник «Дивногорье»
Фотобанк Лори

The Divnogorie Museum-Reserve is an extraordinary conservation area with relic vegetation, endemic insects, and unique landscape formations called divas — preserved pillars of chalk that rise vertically above the steep right banks of the Tikhaya Sosna and Don rivers.  

Among the many landmarks in Divnogorie, the man-made caves are particularly special.  These mysterious cave temples are the biggest attraction for tourists and pilgrims in the area. There are six iconic cave and cave complexes. Several archaeological sites from the 9th-10th centuries are found in Divnogorie: the Mayatskiy archaeological complex; Bronze Era archaeological sites dating to 2,000 AD (burial mounds or kurgans, and settlements); and Upper Paleolithic encampments.

The working Svyato-Uspenskiy Divnogorskiy is situated in the reserve.

Admirers of history, archaeology, and nature will want to take advantage of the sightseeing and thematic tours around the reserve.

Here, you can visit the cave complex in Bolshie Divy and its 17th-century Church of the Sicilian icon of Our Lady and learn about the great variety of chalk cave churches in Voronezh oblast.

The «Necklace of antiquities» travel tour introduces visitors to the early history of Divnogorie and reveals the professional secrets of archaeologists. It includes a visit to the «From Encampments to Cities» archaeological park, wh ere you will see medieval yurts (nomad tents) and a trade workshop, climb into a half-dugout and hold copies of medieval dishware.

The «Mayatskaya fortress — a glance at the past» tour presents an interactive model built from small pieces of the original fortress. In the 9th and middle of the 10th centuries, the fortress was the northeastern outpost of the Khazar Khanate, a once powerful state. On the model, you can find Mayatskiy cape and the adjacent Don and Tikhaya Sosna rivers and buildings of that period. It displays the everyday life of the fortress inhabitants, mostly Alans and Bulgars: bonfires are smoking, as wagons and figurines of people and animals move about.

The «Childhood of the Earth» exhibit presents philosophic reflections on the evolution of our planet. What was there, when there was nothing? What exists, but cannot be perceived by the human eye? How was this world created and how do human beings understand it? Exhibit items are encased in transparent pods, which in turn are hidden inside opaque metal containers, symbolizing the unknown. 3D-modeling methods were used to make the exhibition.

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Address: Воронежская обл., Лискинский р-н, хут. Дивногорье
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