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The Tuva Republic


Шаманы Тувы
Шаманы Тувы
Шаманы Тувы

Shamanism in Tyva has been kept till nowadays as an integrated part of traditional culture of Tyvan people, it represents one of the forms of religious faiths, peculiarity of which is in shaman’s touch to transcendental world. Tyvan shamans are very popular now, a great number of tourists visit Tyva to see them. Photographers of the biggest agencies of all over the world are seeking for them. Shamans have visited many countries. Shamans’ hymns and their “algyshes” (wishful songs) are translated into German and English languages. It’s a fascinating performance when shaman makes the ceremonial of shamanistic ritual – touches to ancestors’ souls.

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Address: Республика Тыва

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