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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Нерюнгри

Olonkho Monument Composition

Композиция памятников "Олонхо"

The composition of monuments on the Yakut heroic epos "Olonkho" theme was installed at the entrance to the city of Neryungri. The figure in the very center of the folk narrators is the figure of olonkhosut (olonkho epos teller), on the sides of the figure girls in the Yakut national costumes, one of them holding a Choron — Yakut dish, designed for Mare milk Kumys, the other one is playing on Khomus, Yakut jaw harp instrument.

The monument was erected for the 10-year anniversary of the city and was opened on 6 November 1985. The monument became a kind of hallmark of the city Neryungri.

The monument is very popular around residents and visitors of the city, especially in the days of family festivities they all take a picture in front of the monument.

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