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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Нерюнгри

Chiryaev's monument

Памятник-бюст Гавриилу Иосифовичу Чиряеву
The city presendted the sculture of Gavriil Chiryaev on November, 7, 2015 in the city Park named after Gavriil Chiryaev. Gavriil Chiryaev made a special contribution to the education of the city of Neryungri. During the leadership of Shiryaeva a small village in the Yakut taiga was transformed into the city of Neryungri Republican values, introduced by the railway line "Tynda — Berkakit — Coal". Chiriaev spent accelerated large-scale industrialization of economy of the Republic, created a new industry. The creation of a South Yakutia, Western Yakutia and Central Yakutian territorial-production complexes laid the Foundation for further socio-economic development of the Republic. In the program "Main directions of economic and social development of the USSR for 1981-1985 and for the period up to 1990" included a decision to build a railroad "Berkakit — Tommot — Yakutsk", which is implemented only now. Chiryaeva made an invaluable contribution to the implementation of the initial stage of industrial development of the region, creating the industrial base of the Northern Republic, which is the current generation of Yakutsk. In the years of his leadership of the Republic between 1965 and 1980, industrial and production funds of the Republic has increased eight times. The volume of industrial production in Yakutia in this period has increased three times, the labor productivity in industry grew by 2.2 times.

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Address: Chiryaev's park

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