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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Олёкминск

The monument in honor of participants of «Centrosibir»

The monument is established in honor of participants of a civil war who established the Soviet power in Yakutia in November, 1918. Here in 1924 were intered bones of chairman of «Centrosib» N. N. Yakovlev and his four companions who died in Olyokmas» boreal forest.

Since June, 1918 «Centrosibir's» troops in the Far East appeared under joint blow of superior forces of Kolchak and the Czechoslovak case. On August 28, 1918 with the remained participants decided to disperse and pass to illegal status. 17 people headed by the chairman of «Centrosibir» Yakovlev retired from the Amur region and destined in Yakutia, hoping for the help. But the most part of «Centrosibir» was shot in the Olyokma taiga.

On the place of death of «centrosibirian» Koudou-Cuel's inhabitants delivered the modest monument reminding of that bloody tragedy of the Civil war. In 1924 at the initiative of the first secretary of district party committee G. Brovin-Oyegosturov remains of «centrosibirians» were reburied in Olekminsk. The new monument in the city was established in 1964.

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Address: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Olyokminskiy district, Olyokminsk city

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