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Lipetsk Oblast , Borki

Manor of Prince Andrey Romanov

In Borki settlement, you can see the manor compound that belonged to the Great Prince Andrey Vladimirovich Romanov back in early 20th century: a landscape park, a pond cascade, and household facilities. As early as in 1983, the manor was placed under the state protection as a monument “Manor House” of a regional significance.

The Great Prince Andrey Vladimirovich was the fourth son of the Great Prince Vladimir Alexandrovich and Maria Pavlovna, and the grandson of Emperor Alexander II.

The manor structures occupy the elevated part of the ravine slope. All structures of the manor are built of sawn limestone blocks. The main house takes the central place in the manor system’s plane. The entrance is on the eastern side. On the south and east from the house, there lies an extensive landscape park whose compositional center is a triradiate pattern in the system of surviving avenues that connect the raised terrace with manor structures with jetties by a pond cascade. Currently the park is mostly planted with maples aged 50-60 years.

The park’s decoration is sandstone: irregularly shaped boulders can be occasionally found along the eastern avenue and in the north-western part of the forest area, sandstone blocks form a composition that looks like a table and chairs around it. Local people internally call this place “the devil’s table” or “the devil’s dining room”.

The manor compound of the Great Prince Andrey Romanov is the only monument of architecture in Lipetsk Region built in the English Neo-Gothic style.

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Address: Липецкая обл., Тербунский р-н, с. Борки

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