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Zabaykalsky Krai , Chita

Commemorative token to residents of Zabaikalie fallen in the war in Afghanistan

Памятный знак забайкальцам, павшим в войне в Афганистане

The token was constructed in 1992 in commemoration of the residents of Zabaikalie who were killed in the war in Afghanistan. The marble stele formed as a bayonet bears the names of the late residents of Zabaikalie who died while performing their international duty.

Veterans of the war in Afghanistan, of the military operations in North Caucasus, in Tajikistan, and other “hot spots” gather every year at the monument on the day of the Soviet troops pullout from Afghanistan, and on September 24 — the day of sergeant Sergey Tokmakov's doom. S. Tokmakov was killed in 1984 in Afghanistan when protecting his comrades-in-arms: the sergeant was posthumously awarded the Red Banner order and the Gallantry medal.

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Address: 88 Lenin Str., Chita, Zabaikalsky krai (in the park at the Officers’ Club)

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