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The Republic of Tatarstan , Kazan

Chak-chak Tatar national dessert

Татарская национальная сладость «Чак-чак»
Государственный Комитет Республики Татарстан по туризму
Татарская национальная сладость «Чак-чак»
Государственный Комитет Республики Татарстан по туризму

Once the Bulgarian Khan decided to marry his only son and wanted a new meal that would top the wedding table. The meal was supposed to surprise everyone with simple preparation, not spoil with keeping and preserve its taste, to be healthy and nutritious, to decorate any celebration as a symbol and the very picture of the people of the Volga Bulgaria. So that it was worth serving to most important guests and sending as a gift to faraway countries, so that having tried this dish, everyone would like to visit the Great Volga state.

That was the way, as the legend says, that chak-chak, composed of flour, eggs and honey, was invented thanks to the efforts of the inhabitants of Bulgaria (now the Great Bolgar). And this meal became the embodiment of a sweet family life, in which husband and wife live inseparably, like «peas» in chak-chak, their life being beautiful and rich, like golden honey, and their speeches sweet like the dessert.

To this day, chak-chak adorns and remains one of the main treats of any Tatar feast. Traditionally visiting dignitaries are given a hospitable welcome with chak-chak, similarly to bread-and-salt in Russian hospitality tradition. By the way, in Tatarstan hospitality tradition implies meeting guests with bread and salt, and chak-chak. Chak-chak is often presented to newlyweds, brought as a gift to the table, and tourists from different countries take the dessert from the republic, sharing the «gold of Tatarstan» with the whole world.

There is a museum in the Old-Tatar quarter of Kazan dedicated to national dessert. Here guests will be able to learn the history, the recipe and, of course, enjoy the taste of the confectionery with aromatic Tatar tea.

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