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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

Chekurovskie schyoki

Чекуровские щеки

There are three lower reaches of the Lena River the most interesting natural objects, which are deservedly considered to be unique on the territory of Yakutia. This famous Chekurovskie schyoki where Lena cuts through the rocky spurs of the Verkhoyansk Range. 

It extend along the river for 3 km. Here the river Lena overcomes the last mountain barrier and flows in a narrow gorge with high steep banks (up to 400 m). River flow to bite the width of 2 km, while hovering over the water, vertical rock walls, the flow becomes a raging stream. The sight of an unusually impressive and memorable forever. In this area the river is very difficult for navigation. The first right-bank cheek about one kilometer in length is a rock in the shape of a horseshoe. At right angles to it is a second, left-side cheek. Between the first and third cheeks Pad is Ponomareva, on which it is possible to climb to the top of the third cheek. In 1957, on the rocks Lena cheeks hit and sank the barge, which was conducted in tow boat «Engels». It was not an ordinary barge, a special flight to Yakutsk were made to the 325 th anniversary of Yakutia joining Russia souvenirs, Gzhel dishes with Khokhloma painting. Hole was so great that within a few minutes barge sank and the precious cargo still lies at the bottom. This place is a  real «graveyard of ships.» In 1925, the semaphore mast was installed here. Signalman followed the approach of the courts and ligaments sailboat adjusting turn to pass through the «cheeks». Below the cliff «Bell» in the Lena River flows Ura. Boatman have long been considered the estuary of Ura of the middle Lena River, calling the place «Lena equator.»

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