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Jukola is dried, cured meat fish, which ate the peoples of the Northern Territory. Northern people Yukagirs lived near rivers Kolyma and Indigirka, which were carried out in the abundance of fish delicacies such as sturgeon, omul, whitefish, white salmon, herring and peled. From white fish make excellent stroganina. Especially prized caviar sturgeon, and its meat is preferred sturgeon meat. Chir, white salmon, omul and other "white" fish is usually eaten in its natural form, for example, did stroganina,  "black" fish from the lake is always consumed boiled, fried, broiled. On long winter fish stocking Jukola. It is made from a large variety of good fish. Fresh fish is cleaned of scale, gut. The meat separated from the ridge, cut the backbone to the tail. Fillet plate is cut into 4 without touching the skin, making incisions from the inner side of the cell, or "Christmas trees". Dry on veshalah first in a sunny spot. When dry, but not until the hardness is removed from the hangs and hang above the fireplace in yaranga. There Jukola is brought to a complete smoking.

Now yukola can be purchased in the markets and fish shops in the city of Yakutsk.

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