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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Yakutsk

Products made of mammoth ivory

Изделия из бивня мамонта
Изделия из бивня мамонта

In the Far North for a long time is very widespread bone carving. First of bone are manufactured household items, details reindeer, a threaded plate, all kinds of bridle and saddle suspension with geometric designs. In the north of Yakutia in the layers of permafrost still find mammoth tusks. Yellowish dense bones of extinct giants is a precious material that is easy to work and polish. Manufacture of ivory decorative objects, including small sculptures, has become the industry in Yakutia traditional folk art.
At present, products of mammoth ivory attracts tourists.
Almost every tourist wants to bring to mind something from the trip. From Yakutia majority prefers above all mammoth ivory. More specifically, every minutiae made therefrom. Therefore, most of moves souvenir steel products from mammoth bones and figurines of mammoths, which is the brand of Yakutia. It is interesting that the very yakutians rarely buy them, except for gifts, if somewhere far leave.
In addition to exclusivity, products made of mammoth bones, according to traditional beliefs of the peoples of the North, have more and unusual force. Of course, this is not a scientific fact, but in ancient times people believe that part of the mammoth tusk and wool, that is, biological materials, energy accumulated thousands of years and have a very high energy power. The ancestors of the Yakuts said that if the carry in your pocket a piece of ivory, then the good people it will bring only good and rich increase prosperity.
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