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Batyya is one of the varieties of knives of the peoples of Yakutia. It looks more like katana than simple knife. This is one of the most famous and popular items of the cultural heritage of the northerners. As the results of recent archaeological excavations, samples of the removed blades have many similarities with Yakut knives. Of course, there are many variations of this product, but overall, this knife is a blade with its length of 110-170 mm, with wooden handle and leather sheath. Also, Batyya varies across the width of the blade. The wide blade is used in the forest, for cutting production, woodwork. A narrower blade is used in the tundra, cutting, drilling. It is these factors explains the differences in width of the knives. According to tradition, the blade Batyya made of soft grades of steel. This is due to practical considerations, to the extent necessary, the blade can be sharpened in the campaign of any suitable material: stone, river pebbles, etc. In modern society, hunters and fishermen especially love the use of knives with durable steel. Traditionally, the handle for Batyya made from birch wood which is subjected to further processing with a special oil which enhances the protective properties of the tree. The handle in cross section with something akin to egg shape, pointed end which is directed toward the blade. While there are no stops, Garda, etc. For ease handle length is in the range of 130-150 mm, which is slightly longer than the average male palm. This is done not only for reasons of convenience, but also to ensure that in the event of dropping the knife into the water he went down. Knives that have a handle made of bone, plastic, etc. refer to souvenir production and in ordinary life do not apply.

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