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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Yakutsk

Yakut snow glasses

Sunlight reflecting from the white snow is becoming much stronger. Knowing this fact, the Yakut people invented protection against aggressive white light — a kind of snow goggles. They were made of metal, bone, and horsehair. Snow glasses are usually etched in the form of a thin elongated convex plate with a recess for the nose, with openings in the form of narrow slits for eyes. The front part on the edges were decorated with engraved and minted a pattern of circles. Along the side edges of the attached «ears» for threading the straps. Also glasses made of Nickel silver with splashes of cubic Zirconia was made in the shape of the constellation Big dipper, which served as a guiding landmark for the residents of the North. The snow glasses have become a symbol and the main prize of the annual national festival held in Yakutsk in 2011.
These glasses can be seen in the Yaroslavsky Yakut Museum, as well as in the permanent exhibition «Treasury of Yakutia».

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