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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

«Lost world»

The mysterious «Lost World» is hidden among the high mountains of empty Ridge Cherskiy mountain country far from the valley of the river Kyuellyah-Moustah. The peculiarity of the river is that it starts with a number of lakes and ice, coupled hundred-meter high waterfalls. Landscape dilutes beauty peaked mountains, stacked with solid granite massif, with strata of glaciers.

There are very rarely tourists and even hunters, because the inconvenience is the passage of the high mountain passes, through which not smuggle trophies.

An original pioneer of this place was the «Yakut Dersu», which after coming from the river Kyuellyah-Moustah showed the «world» in their photos by making a stir among photographers and travelers.

Another mysterious feature of this area is the fact that, according to local residents, this is not so often, but there is snow or caveman «chuchuna». Rocks, where according to legends, he lives, far away like camel humps and so local so they are called Camel Haya. Rocks from which occasionally descends chuchuna above 1000 meters. It is believed that the cave man steals modern humans. Some of them even come back in a year or two to relatives, tell a lot of interesting, but they cannot live in humane conditions, they prefer to sleep on the street. Why chuchuna such theft remains a mystery.

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