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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

Fishing on Alysardaah lake

Рыбалка на озере Алысардаах
Рыбалка на озере Алысардаах
Туристско-информационный портал Якутии

Alysardaah is one of the largest lakes in Oymyakon. The name of the lake in the Russian language is translated as Okunevka. It has long been famous as a great place for spring ice fishing.

The lake is located in the taiga, where there are no roads and bridges across the numerous streams, and you can get there only in winter and spring. For fishermen it is more convenient to come here in the spring. Fish that can be caught are burbot, lake perch and pike. Interestingly, the fish, which is found in this lake is particularly large, greasy and delicious. Usually, tourists go on tour for 3-4 days. This spring the flights to the lake are operated by two airports: the village Tomtor Oimyakon Susuman district and the city of Magadan region.

Flights for tourists are performed every week on the aircraft AN-2.

Tourists need to bring the following items: warm clothes; fishing gear; food for 4 days; personal hygiene and personal utensils; photo and video camera; money for extra costs.

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Phone number: (+7) 914-273-47-47
Address: Republic of Sakha, Oymyakonsky district, Tomtor village

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