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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Yakutsk

Yakut earrings

In old times one could tell woman’s age and marital status and how many children she has by her yakut earrings, by its style and ornamentation.

Now girls wear Yakut ornaments, unsuitable neither status nor position.

he Yakut form of earrings resembles a female figure, each trinket or bell means for decades. Thus, the earrings with a lot of bells — it is the prerogative of ladies in age. A little tongue in the suspension means of the child, the number of these small reeds not important, is not critical, but here is given to understand that the woman is a mother. Cranes symbolize happiness, and some jewelry (a pendant for example) the Siberian crane is recommended by unmarried girls to luck in finding a husband.

Yakut women and girls is not even on holidays, always with a great pleasure in wearing their national ornaments. Very often the Yakuts give their guests from other regions and countries of the Yakut Souvenirs, girls — Yakut earrings, and men of the Yakut knife. All this can be purchased at any shopping center of Yakutsk.

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