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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

Fishing in Sordonnohsky nasleg

Рыбалка в Сордоннохском наслеге
Туристско-информационный портал Якутии
Рыбалка в Сордоннохском наслеге
Рыбалка в Сордоннохском наслеге
Рыбалка в Сордоннохском наслеге

Sordonnohsky nasleg is Oymyakonsky District in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Nasleg famous for the fact that the rivers in  usual huge number of grayling, and not small. Weight of the biggest specimens reaches 1.2 kilograms. The upper reaches of the rivers Tuor-Yuryakh and Buor-Yuryakh autumn becomes a kind of paradise for fishermen.

Since mid-August, grayling starts to gather in small flocks, and the beginning of September is collected in huge shoals.

Success of fishing depends on the weather and bait. Locals usually used as bait earthworm, and make the fish jump on the fly. Some people go fishing on the float, depending on the natural conditions of the place of fishing.

In addition to excellent fishing, tourists waiting for the beautiful nature and clean water of The Indigirka River. Local fishermen can give useful advice and share experiences.

Tourists are recommended to bring rubber boots low, warm and a change of clothes, bedroom tourist (optional) tent, insect repellent, light raincoat, lightweight sleeping bag, personal camp utensils.

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