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The Republic of Khakassia , Efremkino

Archaeological microdistrict at the head of White Iyus River

Ширинский археологический парк
Елена Павлова

Thousands of archaeological monuments were found at the territory of Shira district. The most important ones are combined to the so-called Archaeological microdistrict located in the White Iyus river upper reaches.

In 1970 scientists discovered a Paleolithic site near the Malaya Syya village: this site was the most ancient settlement on the Sayano-Altay territory. During the excavations archaeologists had found a lot of mammoths’ tusks, bones of fossil animals, remnants of houses and household stuff, treated bones and even stone panpipe. Another two places on the microdistrict where the traces of the ancient people presence were found atr the Proskuryakov grotto and Archaeological cave.

Proskuryakov grotto was first described by Pavel Stepanovich Proskuryakov at the end of the XIX century. Remnants of the pottery, treated bones are the evidences of an ancient people’s habitation. In this grotto also petroglyphs with face images were found.

In the Archaeological cave people also found the remnants of the ancient people encampment, for instance in the middle of the cave there were 4 fireplaces, bones and arrowheads.

Territory near the Malaya Syya village is the unique evidence that people lived in West Siberia territory more than 30 000 years ago. 39 unexplored caves are located on the territory more than 130 square kilometers: it really attracts speleotourists.

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Website: +7 (3902) 32-32-50
Address: The Republic of Khakassia, the village of Efremkin

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