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Krasnoyarsk Krai , Yeniseisk

Museum “Photohouse”

In 1997 a resident of Yeniseisk, a photographer Pyotr Drozdov bought a wooden house (Russian: izba) that was built in 1887 and turned it into a museum.  For many years he collected antique household items like furniture, utensils, keys, locks, school supplies for the future museum. Now the residents of the town bring him interesting items, for example, the carved part of the old wooden gate. The Museum-Estate “Photohouse” is one of the most visited in Yeniseysk. 

The century before last “Photohouse” used to be a shop; its sign that is one of the exhibits of the museum now says “Grocery, tea, sugar, various cereals, candles, soap and kerosene”. In the spring of 1998 in the shop of the XIX century the photo salon was opened. Now it is also a unique photo studio where you can take pictures in old interiors, among objects lovingly collected and restored by the owner of the studio and his friends.

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Address: Krasnoyarsk region, Yeniseisk, Lenina street 81

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