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Krasnoyarsk Krai , Krasnoyarsk

Museum “Victory Memorial”

The memorial in Krasnoyarsk was erected for the 30th anniversary of the Victory, a decision on its appearance in the city was made at a meeting of the Party Committee of the Party of the CPSS.

The place where the memorial is located is closely connected with the military history of the city and has deep symbolic meaning. During the war it was the outskirts of the city: one-storey village houses, school, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, and an old city cemetery. In 1965 it was decided to perpetuate the memory of soldiers of the Red Army — participants of the Great Patriotic War who died in hospitals in Krasnoyarsk. On the territory of the cemetery memorial stones with 239 names were opened.

During preparation for the 30th anniversary of the Victory the memorial stones were reconstructed: 22 tombstones with the names of the soldiers were placed on the territory of the memorial.

In the following years the memorial was under several reconstructions: the street ensemble of the square, and the appearance of the memorial were changed, its square was increased. At the same time the attitude of the Krasnoyarsk residents to memorial as an institution was changed: for most people the memorial is a place of preserving the memory. Thus, the collection of the museum based on archival and biographical materials of the war participants was formed.

Today everyone can get acquainted with the exposition of the museum that is based on artifacts donated by public organizations and residents of the Krasnoyarsk region.

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Phone number: 8 (391)201-89-81
Address: Krasnoyarsk region, Krasnoyarsk, Dudinskaya street, 2a

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