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Volgograd Oblast

Ust'-Medveditsky natural park

The Ust"-Medveditsky natural park is located in the south-eastern part of the Serafimovichsky District and occupies about 60,000 hectares (~150,000 acres) of forests and steppe. The park has unique landscapes. On a rather small territory you can see vast steppes, desert sands, and forests. According to specialists there is an untouched landscape environment with wildlife here. And there are more than 300 species of rare and endangered plants of the forest-steppe zone.

The coastline nature is truly unique. The River Don valley formed about 5 million years ago and is very diverse in nature and relief. The Don divides the Serafimovichsky District into two parts: the steppe right bank with mountains, cut by ravines and gullies and the flat left bank with lakes, small rivers, forests, and Archedino-Donskiye sands. The cliffs of the Don's right bank are 60-100 meters high and have a view of the vast, nearly endless, plain. Under oak grove canopies there are springs supplying water to the entire neighborhood: Izbushensky, Koltsevoy, and Olshansky.

In spring time you can find tulips (called «azure flower» by locals), iris pumila, and glades of pasque flowers in the steppes. In summer along the ravine slopes» various herbs are blooming. They are used afterwards to collect delicious and medicinal honey. The area of the Ust"-Medveditsky natural park is suitable both for scientific research and tourism of all kinds. Various itineraries are developed by the park employees: for traveling on foot, by bicycle or by car. Kayaking down the Don and the Medveditsa is also very popular. There are many beautiful sights in the park: the Cold Ravine, the Pakhomovskaya Cave, the Pyramid Mountain with the huge Poklonny Cross on top, the Knyazheskoye Lake and the Bronze Age settlement Koptyuga.

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