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The Tuva Republic

The Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings features huge mounds, which are graves of Scythian tribal chiefs. The mounds form lines, which may reflect kinship between the deceased. Scientists classified them under the Uyukskaya culture of Tuva.

During digs in the burial mounds, scientists found golden armor, intricate wooden constructions under earthen mounds, people, and animals. In 2001, a tomb was found in the Tuva Valley of the Kings which is 2,700 years old. The works were carried out by the Central Asian Archeological Expedition.

The largest and the most famous burial mounds in the Valley of the Kings are Arzhaan-1 and Arzhaan-2. The findings from these burial mounds are kept in the National Museum of the Republic of Tyva. Arzhaan-1 dates back to the 9th-8th centuries BCE; this is one of the earliest burial mounds of nobility known to archeologists.

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